Virtual Training


       My Virtual Personal Training Program is an effective way to reach your fitness goals. All you need is internet access, a phone, tablet or computer. I have successfully trained my clients via Skype but any two way video platform will do. You will still be able have a one on one session in real time. I will be able to see that your workouts are productive, in proper form and safe. Each of  your fitness sessions will be designed around your fitness level and goals. You will not sacrifice your fitness success using virtual training. Contact me today to set up a time for a Free Fitness Consult via Video Chat. 


                                                                                          Virtual Personal Training Benefits: 

                                                                         * One on One training sessions. 

                                         * Train with an NASM Certified Personal Trainer with over 15 years experience

                                           * Each Session designed around your fitness level, goals and the equipment you have available to you.  

* Accountability that leads to success  

                                                             * Train anywhere, in home, work or on travel 

                                    * Free Video Consults to meet and discuss your goals and my plan to help you succeed. 

"Sandy has a very comprehensive personalized program. I’m in my early 60’s and had a number of problems with shoulder/elbow and hip/knee that I had exhausted physical therapy sessions trying to rehab. As part of her fitness approach we worked steadily on those areas. The shoulder and elbow are now completely pain free. My hip and knee are absolutely improving while at the same time building overall core and body strength. An update:Due to COVID-19, Sandy’s fitness sessions converted to a virtual format. I have found this approach to be very doable and have not lost any progress to date. If anything, this has given me an even better opportunity for personalized conditioning workouts in my home setting. It’s very easy to link in, and I feel I’m actually working harder and more effectively than in the physical gym setting."