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IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU                                             
Your Goals....Your Plan

As your Personal Trainer my focus is YOU. My fitness programs are designed specifically for you and your fitness and health goals. I create a plan to achieve the results that YOU want to achieve at the pace that YOU choose to commit. Your workouts will become significantly more productive and time efficient, feeling and seeing the results with each session. You will quickly develop the skills and knowledge to maintain the momentum independently. Proper form, intensity level and repetition are key and you will effectively learn and understand their impact on your workout. You will never be bored with ever-changing, always evolving, fresh fitness ideas. You will feel the difference immediately with Rx Fitness and that feeling will keep you on track.

Always Positive & Productive

My pace and style are one of my motivating assets. My energy level is high and I pass that onto my clients in training sessions that achieve the results they have targeted. I have been changing lives through personal training for over 12 years. I have grown experienced with nearly every personal challenge and fitness frustration that clients could present. Together we push past the self-imposed boundaries and achieve real results. Each session leaves my clients feeling confident, motivated and healthier. Through consistency which is a key component, they feel stronger, more energetic and continue wanting more.

Nutrition, Lifestyle & Fun

Traditional fitness has limitations and lacks the balance that gets the whole "body, mind and spirit" results many are seeking. True wellness must consider nutrition, exercise in a multitude of formats and keeping it all fun and fresh!; As a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist I understand the value of the nutrition component in a fitness program. I offer realistic and personalized information to incorporate into your life. And always, I keep sessions anything but routine. Without freshness everything fatigues and the goal of any fitness plan is to keep it going!

My personal training style can accommodate nearly any home environment, creating fitness programs with no equipment at all, simply utilizing your own body weight. Functional training tools such as bands, bosu balls, kettle bells are also excellent, low-investment additions. I also design and plan in-home gyms complete with weight training systems and aerobic equipment to meet personalized needs. There is a fitness solution for everyone.

  Virtual Personal Training Now Available


   "Sandy is an amazing person and trainer.  She has taught me so much about working out and has empowered me with the tools to work out on my own.  She has taught me that you don’t need a fancy gym to get results and provided guidance on what I needed at home for an effective workout.  I learn something new every training session and I am doing things that I never thought I could. Her sessions work both the body and the mind.  It has inspired me to change the way I live.  Sandy assessed my needs and each session is a personalized workout just for me.  I have always wanted to know about weight training but was intimidated to learn on my own.  Having sandy has taught me the proper techniques and given me the confidence to use weights in my training program even when I work out on my own.  I am stronger, healthier and happier than I have been. She has taught me that everyone can gain muscle at any age.  Training with Sandy has been well worth my time and money.  It is one of the best things I have done for myself."  

                        Mary Catherine

" Thanks to you, Sandy, I am getting a whole "new" wardrobe--all the...pants that have been hanging in the "too small to wear " section of my closet for the past five years! 
Rediscovery is fun!