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Several Private Training Packages are available to suit your individual fitness goals and needs. Each training session will be designed with YOU and YOUR GOALS in mind. To get the optimal results the longer you workout the more results you get. It's been my experience that if you workout on a consistent basis for at a minimum of six months you will see the most results. As a result you have developed positive exercise skills and seen results that will lead to a lifestyle change.




Individual Transformation System:
  This program will focus on fat loss and building lean muscle. There are no drastic diets or extreme exercise regimes; just a real life approach to fitness results. You will get steady results yet fast enough to keep you motivated. A productive 60 min session; three or four days a  week.

Body Fit System:  A total body workout that will build strength, increase flexibility an endurance. A 60 min session that is a  two days a week training program.

Independent Training System: A great option for the experienced exerciser or if you are self motivated to doing some workouts on your own.  One day a week training program that focuses on keeping your workouts fresh, productive and addressing any workout obstacles that may come up during the week.

30 minute Power System: This is a great option if you who don't have a lot of time or are not ready for an hour training session. Each session will still be productive and designed around your fitness goals. Three or Four day a week programs.  These sessions are only available at my affiliate gym in the city of Frederick.

Group Personal Training: No more than 4 people to a class to enable each member to benefit from personalized attention
from the trainer. All fitness levels welcome.  Two or Three day a week program

Power Walking Fitness Training: Power walking is a steady, energetic pace of walking that is a low impact way to burn calories,build endurance and enjoy the fresh air.  This is a great program if you want to start your fitness program off to a slower
and less intimidating start yet still have the confidence that a trainer is with you to guide you in making sure you are getting a productive workout. Walking sessions are usually 60 min and will be located in the Frederick downtown area and nearby parks. Choose between a 2 or 3 day a week option.  Group and private sessions are available. 

New Fitness Programs!

Intro to Flexibility Training:  Learn the most productive stretches based on your needs and goals. Feel and move freer through out your day. Printed flexibility program included. Three private 30 min sessions. 

4 Week Beginner Workout Program:  
Never feel lost in the gym again. Learn how to use all the fitness and cardio equipment properly. Be able to adjust each piece of equipment based you personally. Walk away with a personalized fitness program based on your needs and goals. 30 min private sessions 2 times a week.  

12 Week Weight Loss Fitness Program:   Ready to get serious with your weight loss goals? This program will get you on your way. Learn the most productive workout based on your fitness level and goals that gets the most calorie burn.  Three 60 min private sessions per week. 


What are your fitness goals? i.e. lose weight, gain muscle


 Ms. Turnbaugh has experience not only in the gym but in life experiences. Both have given her insight in recognizing that not everyone has the same body and not everyone works the same way. She has the ability to make a plan that works not only with your body but with your mind as well. She watches and listens to how you respond to the workouts and tweaks them to satisfaction. Sandy is constantly reading up on great recipes for healthy eating habits and participates in continuing education in her field to keep you updated on the latest trends in exercise. She is very motivational and continues to figure out what will work for you." ~ Suzanne Gomba-mack

Sandra has been my trainer for about 3 months now. On my first session she did a very thorough assessment of my condition. She developed a plan that address my needs which was right on target. My strength and stability have improved immensely and I am looking much better. I am two years out of having a broken leg which left me with such instability and weakness. I am now walking so much better. What Sandy has done for me was far better than all the physical therapy sessions did for me. Sandy also makes working out fun and exciting!"   ~~ Jill Browning

I had been through a horrible car accident and three neurosurgeries when Sandra Turnbaugh began helping me re-build my strength and confidence. I would highly recommend Sandra as a personal trainer, she was not only always professional, she was friendly, joyful and full of energy. Sandra is one of the best human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I gladly recommend her!"   ~    Joycemarie Bedore

Sandra is an excellent trainer who will work with you to gt the most out of your body. I was training for a big hike and Sandra worked hard with me to make sure my legs were strong for the trip. She listens to the client and assess their needs. She is sensitive to injuries and works with your limitations to make you strong again. I would recommend Sandra as a personal trainer to anyone. I hope to be able to work with her again in the future.   ~~  Terri Mclellan

Awesome trainer. She helped me get back into shape after fighting breast cancer. Has a super technique for the core, and my knees to get them strong again, as well as general upper body strength. I can highly recommend Sandra if you are looking for a Trainer or to join her group sessions." ~ Maureen Brennan-Petitt

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